Body Love- Reset beyond the stage.

Tammy is an incredibly knowledgeable, supportive and skillful coach. As an ex-competitor struggling with my body image and metabolic and hormonal repair, I had more than one issue I was desperately seeking help for. She helped me transition properly into a more balanced, healthy lifestyle and help me to realize that in the end I was self-inflicting unnecessary pressure with my so-called ideal body image. Within this transition I quickly realized my perception of “fit” had to be adjusted as well and Tammy was always so supportive and patient in helping me work through that mindset.

From meal plans, training, supplements, articles and general knowledge on the ins and outs of how a female athletic body responds to the many variables that we will encounter, Tammy taught me with so much during our time working together. I consider our work as a therapeutic transition into MY new healthy habits that fit my life away from the stage.

I would highly recommend anyone considering the competition world as well as those who are looking for a safe and healthy exit strategy to get in touch with Tammy. She will teach you so much and help you find a healthy balance in all of your fitness goals.

Sherie’s journey was a powerful evolution reflective of an inside, out shift that resulted in a return to hormonal health, true self love and fitness redefined that created a foundation for a beautiful gift. Her and her husband welcomed their 1st child. A beautiful daughter into the world. A true gem named Ruby.

success-fitnessgirlThe Stange

success-beachgirlIn the middle of her healing journey.
Testing body love

success-familyHappy, healthy and whole. Their bliss


This is the second time in my life having worked with Tammy and in both cases she helped a major dream of mine become a reality. The first time i worked with Tammy was in 2011-2012. She helped me to earn my IFBB Pro card earning me a professional status as a Fitness competitor. As a result of this title I was able to compete and travel the globe inspiring others through fitness. I also gained a successful coaching business of my own which I modelled after having such a positive experience of having Tammy as my coach.

Some years passed and although I enjoyed the time I spent competing I could feel an undeniable shift taking place in my consciousness. I felt ready and wanted to start a family. I found out after some time that conceiving daniellewasn’t going to be as easy as we hoped. After having competed at such an elite level for years and pushing my body to its max I was left with some hormonal imbalances which were affecting my fertility. I also felt a mental tug of war between my desire to continue competing or and my gut telling me I need to let it go completely. Intuitively I knew I would need to make that hard choice so I could focus on this new journey even with no guarantees. I told my husband, “I need to work with Tammy again. She specializes in hormonal healing and has been through the exact thing that I am struggling with (transitioning away from the stage) and I know she can help me”.
Tammy helped create a nutrition program with the intent of allowing my body to heal itself and allow my hormones to a more balanced state. While I followed the nutrition recommendations from Tammy I also started working with her very hard on making some major mental shifts. It became evident that as long as I was holding onto competing my mind would forever be in a state of stress and pressure. I believe this contributed to the physical manifestation of my fertility issues. I truly believe the body hears everything the mind says.  img_0835As long as I was hanging onto competing my body wasn’t going to let me get pregnant. The issue was  competing had become such an enormous part of my identity, my sense of control and pride and (falsely) my self worth.  I knew Tammy would understand why this was so hard for me having been through it herself. Tammy helped me to let go of my attachment to competing and tap into a whole other part of my inner and truest self. To help me focus forward on my future as well as be accepting and loving toward myself as I am right now.
After 6 months with Tammy I found out on August 14 we found out that I am expecting!
. To anyone who is struggling with any kind of issue, I am confident that Tammy will have the insight, experience and the tools you need to get past them. She is one of the most personal, motivating and inspirational people I know. I know I wouldn’t be were I am without her!

–Danielle Ruban Martin Bliss Building Testimonial

My name is Ana Ferreira, 36 years old, 5’2 and weighing approximately 115 lbs. I am a single mom of an 11 year old boy and have never felt younger and more energetic than I do today after having lost approximately 20 lbs and a total of (inches) and (fat %). I have gone from a size 11 to a 3 – 4 all within less than 6 months!!!! How did I accomplish all this? 2 words, “Tammy Strome”. Tammy started working with me in August of 2006 and I will continue to work with her going forward. Tammy is all about “life style change”, none of this yoyo dieting. What could be more convenient than to have your meals and workouts personally designed and planned out for you especially when you’re on the go 7 days a week? Tammy provides you with all the “tools” necessary to accomplish your goals. All you have to do is work them. I have never been more proud of my sculpted body, infact I’ve worked out for years and years and never had a sculpted body. To have a pre-teen call his mom “hot” really does confirm the results speak for themselves. Tammy has changed my life, physically, mentally and emotionally and I therefore refer to her as “Magic” to my body, mind and soul……the woman knows her stuff!!!Thanks Tammy!

Ana Ferreira
CSR – Xstrata Copper

I work in the health & wellness industry. While my education is generally well-rounded, I felt there were a few gaps in my knowledge that left me questioning exactly how to approach my weight loss goals. I reached out to Tammy with specific, straight forward questions regarding macro-balancing. I thought that’s all I would need and I’d be off to the races! Tammy knew better.

Tammy is a rarity as far as coaches go. She has challenged me in ways I couldn’t have imagined before we started this journey. She instinctively knows which questions to ask and when to step a little deeper to really challenge my awareness and thinking. She just gets it and has lead me to to more “Ah-ha!” moments that I ever imagined.

From my own work and education I came into this process knowing that it wasn’t as simple as calories in/calories out. Since working with Tammy, my eyes have been opened to all of the way I wasn’t serving myself and what role that was playing in my overall health and happiness. Tammy has helped me see how important boundaries are and that self-care is a non-negotiable. You can’t be any good to anyone else if your own cup is always empty. Beyond that, long-term success with my goals would never happen without this awareness and foundation that Tammy is helping me build.

In a very short time since beginning to work with Tammy, I left a very stressful job and am now working with an organization I love. I’ve cut my hour down from as much as 85/week to 35-42. I am so grateful for the wakeup call Tammy has so gently given me. With her support I am creating the life I truly want, encompassing every meaning of the word bliss.

Christa L.

I cannot believe how fortunate. I was to have met Tammy Strome.
I went to Mississauga to get a bit of posing instruction and you walked through the door, opening me up to an entirely new level of training and coaching.

Tammy brings years of comprehensive experience to the table, as well as the education and background. I never for a moment doubted her abilities, and only saw positive results from the first day!

She was there to provide me with advice in what seemed to be my most crucial moments. She always had an intuitive sense to help me see and understand the changes in my body as positive, and never to give up or lose hope in the process of my journey. Her faith in me only made it easier for me to trust her.

I must also say, that her attention to detail, whether it was diet, training, active coaching or posing, are what made me sure that I could reach my goal and be prepared on show day. I felt confident and comfortable. Tammy’s presence on show day was very calming. It helped me feel a lot less stress and anxiety, which was crucial for me, being that it was my first show.

Relaxed, poised and ready with the energy and inspiration she provided me with obviously shone through on show day. Not only did i place first in my class, but an overall win (as unexpected and shocked as i was) only proved to me that Tammy’s involvement in my contest preparation made all the difference.

Tammy ..you helped me find the person I had buried inside for so long.
You are an inspiration to all women. You are a breath of fresh air.
you are wonderful!
Thank you again for such an amazing journey.
I can’t wait to work with you again!

E (Eftihia)