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Prior to Initial:

Nutribody Questionnaire – 75 questions clinically proven to help identify any areas where there are imbalances in your body, toxicity, infection or nutritional deficiencies.

Discovery Questionnaire –  This questionnaire provides valuable info into all areas of you life.  What is out of balance?  What are your biggest sources of joy? Many times in trying to connect to who we are or get unstuck…we are asking the wrong questions.  This is the first step in asking more powerful and intentional questions.

Future Self Exercise – This one is hard for many to complete so we often end up doing it again as we go through the process.  Things will become very clear.
This exercise helps with “Life Visioning”  A concept I will explain but one that is super important to master. This is key to building full clarity on where you want to go.  It is very revealing because from expanding on this we can get too really where you have been stuck which is when we can really get you on track towards your goals and the type of experience you want in your life daily.

Lifestyle Questionnaire – This provides me with crucial info into lifestyle habits and behaviours that work agains your goal.

Initial Consult
–  2 hours via Zoom.  We cover all above info as well as an assessment of your current eating, exercise and supplementation.  

  • Custom Nutrition Program tailored to your goals
  • Custom Exercise Program  tailored to your goals
  • Custom Supplementation Program tailored to your goals
  • Top 10 smoothie recipes to make good nutrition easy.
  • Custom Blueprint to Bliss- based on your Life Vision as we work together
  • Monthly Follow UP on Zoom or in person if you live near by- 1 hour- (includes 40 minute coaching session/ 20 minute progress for month)
  • Weekly deliverables for action steps to keep moving towards your goal and stay motivated
  • 3- Additional Bliss Building Sessions (Coaching) This is to dig deep, support and make real change.- 60 minutes

Total of 6 One on One Zoom Coaching Sessions with Tammy
Unlimited text support access with 24 hour response time unless otherwise

Includes:  What is included here adjust accordingly as it is based on what the clients goals are and what we are working on together.

  • Program customization specific to progression of your big picture goals
  • Bimonthly emails to provide accountability, support and relevant tools
  • Monthly Follow up on Zoom or in Person if you live nearby – 1 hour ( Includes 40 minutes focused coaching and 20 minutes progress assessment.)
  • Unlimited text support access with 24 hour response time unless otherwise noted.


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