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Bliss Building


Product Description

Includes 12 – 60 minute Zoom Coaching sessions that are goal oriented and client centered. 

Sessions are collaborated with the client and the focus is to meet the client where they are at and progress from there. No session ends without specific calls to action before next session for client.

We start the program exploring the barriers that are blocking the client from moving to the next level. What has led them to feel stuck and unfulfilled. What has led them to powerlessness, unhappiness, burn out, perfectionism, constant body abuse, self neglect, self sabotage, illness or what ever pain they are manifesting.  Once those barriers are identified then exploration, inquiry and shifting is used to help the client gain clarity, direction and a plan.
Clients are guided and supported but are held accountable for the steps they need to take to grow.
The end results is more success personally and professional. Improved health ,happiness, peace, freedom and a renewed sense of self.

-1 year access to membership site that includes weekly readables and videos

– Recommendations for podcast, reading and courses.

-I may be adding a professional collaboration here with Michelle Armstrong for clients to receive one of her intuitive readings as well.


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