Body Bliss Reset

The Body Bliss RESET


  • You’ve started countless weight loss plans, but can’t seem to keep the weight off.
  • You are tired, moody and lacking energy.
  • Your get-up-and-go is gone.
  • You used to be on top of things, but the daily grind has thrown you off your game.
  • You’re stressed, your clothes don’t fit well, and you wake up exhausted.
  • Your mental clarity is gone, and you feel overwhelmed by everything that needs to get done each day.

You are stuck, and ready to do something about it. But you need a plan!

You aren’t looking for a quick fix. You know that you need to dial in your diet and exercise, but you need more than just a great workout. You need to readjust your mindset. You need focus, direction, and guidance to help you get back on track.
You are ready to look amazing.

You are ready to rock those jeans that have been too tight for too long.

You are ready to wake up energized, motivated and full of joy.

You are ready to get off the diet hamster wheel and start living a wholistically healthy lifestyle.

You are ready to make a long-term, sustainable change towards a healthier, more blissful you.

You are ready for a change that starts from the inside, out!

Through my Body Bliss Reset Program you will learn how to effectively eat to fuel fat burning. You will do intentionally designed workouts that will help you shed those unwanted pounds you’ve been looking to get rid of, BUT, you will also be working on a whole lot more than just your body.
Without getting too sciency, we will work together to retrain your thinking and shift your paradigm.  We will implement strategies to rebalance your nervous system and shift your hormones into balance so your body can burn fat and develop muscle. Together we will bring your body into balance, so that you can live your life with confidence, strength and energy.

During the Body Bliss Reset, you will get:

  •  Body Bliss Exercise Program: home and gym versions available
  • Reset Nutrition Program
  • Lifetime membership to a private Facebook group with daily support and actionables to increase your results.
  • FB Live videos for training, support and Q and A
  • Supplementation Guide – Top 10 nutrients your body needs to burn fat and be happy
  • Nervous System Reset/ Hormonal Support –  Stress management
 women fitness program
  • Inside Out Revamp- Daily actionables to help you shift beliefs, take charge of your subconscious mind and share your way to fat loss. We will also work on visioning, body perception shifting and connecting to self.
  • Accountability and support through the entire program
  • Reset Lifestyle Checklist
  • Hormone Screening Questionnaire
  • Top 10 Favourite Smoothies Recipe Guide- healing, healthy and delish.
  • Upgrade opportunity and early bird enrollment access for future programs
  • Enrollment in my email program for support, motivation, blogs, videos and upcoming news.

Spots are limited and will fill up fast, so don’t wait!

You deserve to look and feel amazing in everything you wear.

Your family, friends and community deserve you at your very best: energized, motivated and thinking clearly. I promise to give you everything you need to be successful, all you need to do is commit. Commit to doing the entire program, as it was designed. Commit to building a better, healthier, stronger you. Commit to truly making a real change: to go deep and be open.
You cannot line up your internal world with your external world without that commitment.  The women in this program are committed, present and primed for results. This tribe of women, including YOU, deserves your commitment, so I will bring everything else to the table…all you need to bring is commitment!

Meet Your Coach:

With 17 years experience as a Body Transformation Coach, IFBB Pro Figure Athlete and Contest Prep coach, I know the science and have the experience to get you results. But I won’t stop at just the physical results…we are here to truly transform you from the inside out, so that the joy and peace you have on the inside radiates through that rockin’ body we will be working on through our 6 weeks together! Over the last 17 years, I have helped women design elite bodies, reset their hormones, overcome body hate, find themselves and rebalance their life. I am passionate about helping women like you get back on track because I have walked a similar path and understand the struggles that come with living a healthy lifestyle from the inside out.

How Much Does The Body Bliss Reset Cost?

For only $199 CAD/$149.27 USD you will get the workouts, the nutrition, the support, the accountability and the mindset shift you need to rock your goals. There truly is no other program like this one on the market today. So don’t wait to sign up. I only accept a limited number of people!
I promise, you will see results or your money back! So, you truly have nothing to lose and only whole-life bliss to gain!

Hear from my clients!

Nicole McEvoy. Lost 10lbs and gained so much more!!

It’s so difficult to reduce the amount of growth I’ve had into a few words, but I will try. With Tammy, I learned that changing the body cannot simply be reduced to an “eat less, move more” approach. It takes a holistic change of your perspective of yourself and the world, and how you see food and exercise before you can truly achieve a goal, and to maintain that goal long term. This was not a diet plan. It was so much more. I learned to dig deep, to find the reasons for my old habits. I was then able to see my food as nourishment and my exercise as a reward, rather than as punishment for too much gluttony and bad habits. I am able to deviate from the plan now, without guilt and without binging in the opposite direction of my progress, and it no longer sends me into a tailspin of self-guilt and bad habits. I have experienced fat loss, muscle gain, less pain from old injuries, skin clarity, hair regrowth, and eliminated teeth sensitivity. The fat loss used to be the only thing I cared about, but I am happy to say I’ve been achieving that, but more importantly, I’ve learned self-love and gained mental clarity. It is so much easier to achieve weight loss when you feel weightless.

Your testimonial could be next.

What are you waiting for? Let’s find your bliss!