Tammy Strome, IFBB Pro – A Bit About Me

Since she was a child, Tammy Strome dreamed of being an educator and a healer. Her definition of success is rooted in the foundation of authenticity. Unlike the overwhelming consumption of consumer culture, she believes that success is ultimately defined by carefully gardening your passion, as opposed to predatory ladder ascents. Naturally, she was driven to pursue entrepreneurship instead of a systematically tiered career.

Tammy wasn’t born into wealth. She grew up in poverty, often surviving on minimal amounts of dietary sustenance. Her drive to succeed led her to the world of International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB). After winning Nationals and reaching IFBB Pro status herself, she went on to become a coach and foster the growth of many exceptional clients. Her pursuit in the world of athleticism and sports education earned her many credentials including a BA (Hons.) in Kinesiology , Sociology and nutrition as well as 7 different certifications in Life Coaching, Health Coaching, Nutrition, and Neurolinguistic Programming.

During her earlier days in Coaching, Tammy came across many clients who went down a similar path as her; their drive to succeed took priority above their overall health and well-being. The sport of bodybuilding in general has high demands for perfection. A combination of high mechanical tension, metabolic stress, and bulking/cutting phases of calorie cycling (the building blocks for muscle growth and body fat reduction) creates huge physical and mental demands. This can often lead to poor training periodization, over-exertion, lack of recovery, adrenal fatigue, accelerated aging and overall hormonal distruption. Her empathy and insight in this regard has shifted her vision to focusing on restoration and health in order to help her clients work with hormonal imbalances, disease prevention and vibrant living. Tammy strives to ensure that coaching isn’t simply a mechanism towards success in numbers, but also achieving a healthy balance including longevity and quality of life. She addresses all parts of the individual in achieving these goals.

The key differentiator for Tammy’s programs lies in her intuitive nature, and her advocacy for BLISS (Building, Loving, Inner-connected, Shape-shift, Sustainability). Rather than segregate a goal based specifically on her clients’ end results, she instead investigates their stories. What is the root cause of this change? What drives their desire for this progress, and are there any underlying causes of trauma or insecurities from prior attempts? Her bold and inquisitive approach, coupled with her deep understanding of spirituality and mind/body alignment ditches band-aid solutions, and provides an exceptional assessment and methodology unlike any other. As a result, she has garnered outstanding testimonials from many happy clients, who often found themselves at a loss with nowhere to turn. Time and time again, Tammy has seen far too many individuals work hard, only to regress months later. Breaking past the convention of “overwork” allows changes that are lasting, changes that are symbiotic in both mental and physical health. And there’s no one better to guide the way than someone who has walked down that very road themselves. Without growth and nurture, there can be no permanence.

Tammy continues to help train female competitors, workaholics with hormonal imbalances, women suffering overwhelm, perfectionists in pursuit of their ideal bodies and women seeking more authentic and vibrant lives. A combination of self-realization, internal growth, realistic goals, a well-tuned schedule, and customized dietary advice helps her clients achieve their optimal selves, inside and out. As Tammy likes to say “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Be…you…tiful”.

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