About Tammy

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.“

The Coach

Tammy coaches women from a variety of backgrounds. Female competitors, competitors in transition, workaholics with hormonal imbalances, women suffering from overwhelm, perfectionists in pursuit of their ideal bodies and women seeking authenticity and freedom in their lives. A combination of self-realization, internal growth, realistic goals, a well-tuned schedule, and customized program design helps her clients achieve their optimal selves, inside and out.

The key differentiator

My approach breaks past the convention of “overwork”, and prevents regressive patterns to allow changes that are lasting, and symbiotic in both mental and physical health.

Tammy’s programs lies in her intuitive nature, and her advocacy for BLISS (Building, Loving, Inner-connected, Shape-shift, Sustainability). Rather than segregate a goal based on end results, she instead investigates her clients’ individually. Her bold and inquisitive approach, coupled with her deep understanding of energy and mind/body alignment ditches band-aid solutions, and provides an exceptional assessment and methodology unlike any other.


I encourage fitness of the body mind and spirit as a way for women to live a passionate and extraordinary life

Since she was a child, Tammy Strome dreamed of being an educator and a healer. Her drive to succeed and love of fitness led her to the world of Bodybuilding and Fitness. She then went on to become a coach and foster the growth and success of many exceptional clients. Her pursuit in the world of athleticism and sports education earned her many credentials including a BA Honors in Kinesiology with Sociology and Nutrition as well as more than 7 different certifications including Health Coaching, Life Coaching, Nutrition, and Neurolinguistic Programming/Cognitive Reflexive Conditioning. Additionally, her athletic prowess in bodybuilding earned her top placings in all of her amateur shows. This culminated in a national win where she was awarded the Overall title of Canadian Champion and her International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB) Pro Card.
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